Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Children's Party

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement and I mentioned that I had an idea about a "Children's Party." Well an Op-Ed I wrote just got printed in the Seattle Times: here is the link.

I was starting to have second thoughts about the article - too simple? Unrealistic? In an era of sarcasm and cynicism, it is hard to put forward anything "idealistic" without feeling stupid or naive. This may be one of the main reasons there is so much apathy about where we are going.

Anyway, I felt a lot better about what I wrote after I read some of the vituperative comments on the Seattle Times site. If I'm pissing off the anonymous angry Libertarians on the Internet, I must be doing something right! And I feel strongly that most American think that a main purpose of our government is to protect vulnerable citizens and provide families with the resources needed so that their children grow up to be healthy and productive adults. This does not mean taking over the basic role of families - just providing support when needed.

I also created a rudimentary website and blog, at thechildrensparty.org.Check it out if you are interested.

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